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Online revision courses for the FRACP Written and Clinical Exams

Our FRACP Paediatric Written Exam revision course contains more than 30 training videos and more than 1700 past exam questions along with full answer explanations, and an app for Android or iOS to use the learning resources offline.

Our FRACP Paediatric Clinical Exam revison course contains a series of short cases, just like the ones you will have in your actual exam, and many flashcards which summarise key information to help with you revision of systems examinations.

Online revision course for the AMC CAT MCQ Examination

Our Australian Medical Council CAT MCQ Exam revision course supports doctors who qualified outside of Australia to pass the AMC Exam.

Our revision course includes over 100 teaching videos covering the topics needed to pass the AMC MCQ exam. There is also a question bank based on AMC MCQ exam questions with full answer explanations. You can track your performance and compare yourself to other subscribers.

What is learnmed®?

learnmed® is an online, medical training company that provides high-quality, focused, exam-revision resources for paediatric trainees sitting the FRACP Written and Clinical Exams, and for doctors outside Australia sitting the AMC Exam in order to work there.

In addition to medical education, we are committed to improving health education and Closing the Gap. learnmed® gives financial support to organisations and projects that improve health services for Aboriginal communities.