We've only gone and done it - our new learnmed app for Apple and Android is now available

Written by Richard

Published on May 08, 2015

We promised you the learnmed app for Apple and Android, and they are available to download now. This is a freebie, remember - there is NO INCREASE in your subscription price. Once you have downloaded the app, sign in with your learnmed user name and password and you’ll instantly have on-the-go access to every exam question from our website. You'll be able to choose to "revise hard" (30 random questions from our database) or to "revise smart" (you pick the number of questions to answer and which specialties these are from.) After completing the questions, you'll see a breakdown of your results, and you can even upload them to your website account if you want so that you can continue to track your overall performance there. As always, learnmed continues to fulfil its promises to our subscribers.