learnmed sponsors an Indigenous medical student

Written by Richard

Published on January 21, 2015

The Indigenous Health Scholarship program is a co-operative venture between Australian Rotary Health, Rotary clubs, some State or Territory Governments and the Commonwealth Government. The object of this program is to provide a scholarship, which can be used to assist indigenous medical students with their day-to-day expenses while they undertake their medical training. The scholarship is paid in addition to the Government Abstudy allowance. The purpose of the program is to assist students to gain an education which will in turn enable them to use this education for the benefit of other Indigenous people - hopefully, but not necessarily, in some of our remote areas.

After detailed discussions with Australian Rotary Health, learnmed is delighted to announce that we have now given a commitment to sponsor a medical student through this scheme, on a yearly basis, continuing until the student graduates as a doctor. And what's more, the State or Commonwealth Government matches our contribution $ for $ - you can't get better value for money than that.

We'll post more details of our student in due course, once the selection process takes place later this year. In the meantime, though, you should feel proud that your subscription has helped make this possible.