learnmed's sponsored medical student is now in fourth year

Written by Richard

Published on November 23, 2017

learnmed continues to sponsor an indigenous medical student through his medical studies. We are delighted to report that he has passed his third year exams and is now well into his fourth year of study. Well, done, Thomas - we are proud of you and we wish you continued success. He told us:

"Right now, I am coming to the end of my Paediatric term, which means I’ve spent nine weeks learning all about children. It has been an awesome rotation, so much fun and so uplifting, but also so much work. Paediatrics is notorious at my university for being one of the most difficult rotations. But so far the rotation has been great.

The past year has been great. The time that I’ve spent in the hospital has solidified my passion for medicine. Being around patients and seeing the positive progress that comes with good quality medical practice is really rewarding and I cannot wait to have the same impact on my own patients. The only thing is, I still haven’t decided on a specialty to pursue. Although, I am not worried, I have plenty of time to decide and I am sure I will make the right decision eventually."

Thomas explained that learnmed's sponsorship "has been vital. Being able to focus on my studies without having the added burden of financial stress has been so important for me and my progression through medicine." And that's only been made possible by the support from our learnmed community. So thanks again to every subscriber - you are making in a difference in more ways than you realise.