learnmed runs another Paediatric First Aid Course

Written by Richard

Published on December 10, 2014

Learnmed ran another paediatric course for parents and carers from the Aboriginal community recently. The course was held in the Aboriginal Catholic Services Community Centre in Emerton, NSW. We had a great turnout as usual and all the enthusiastic participants worked hard throughout the day. As always, this course was free at the point of delivery. A big thanks to our trainers, Tessa and Becky, and to our admin officer, Julie, who organised the course.

learnmed will continue to run these free paediatric first-aid training courses for parents and carers from the Aboriginal community and, using funding from the Parramatta City Council through its community grant scheme, we are currently refreshing the equipment used in these courses.

In addition, we are looking at broadening the way we achieve our social enterprise vision. To this end, we are in discussions with an Aboriginal health service provider about purchasing an essential of medical 
equipment for them, and we are also in discussions about sponsoring an indigenous medical student throughout their studies.

So it's all go here at learnmed.