learnmed buys equipment for the Menzies HealthLAB

Written by Richard

Published on December 27, 2014

The Menzies HealthLAB is an innovative “hands-on” educational experience which uses modern technology to measure biomedical risk factors in a pop-up laboratory, with the aim of empowering members of the Indigenous community to make positive lifestyle choices for better health. Run by Dr Sue Sayers, under the aegis of the Menzies School of Health Research, workstations in the pop-up labs will focus on core issues of obesity, diabetes,, smoking and alcohol literacy, as well as hygiene, infections  and well-being. Each workstation will assess the participant’s own health relating to these themes using modern technology and will explain the results and implications in an engaging hands on way, to increase awareness about the long term and generational  consequences of life style choices made today.

The program also has a ”meet the Indigenous doctor and the Indigenous scientist” session for participants. The Menzies HealthLAB team has an Indigenous trainee and works closely with the Menzies Indigenous reference group. This type of experiential health education has the potential to facilitate ownership of personal health and to empower Indigenous participants to take positive action towards healthy lifestyle choices.

To support this exciting new health initiative, learnmed has provided the HealthLAB with essential medical equipment (including a digital wireless video-otoscope, electronic Hand Dynamometer, stadiometer, glucose/cholesterol monitor, blood pressure monitor with printer, and an electronic hand grip strength dynamometer) and associated consumables (including glucose strips, cholesterol strips, smokerlyser mouth pieces, and spirettes). This support has only been made possible by your subscriptions, so keep up the good work and spread the word about learnmed to your colleagues.