In the beginning.......

Written by Richard

Published on September 18, 2014

What started as a blue-sky-thinking discussion over a couple of pints two years ago about ways to help the disadvantaged Aboriginal community in Australia has become transformed into a reality with learnmed and our social enterprise achievements. I can honestly say that when the three of us (now the company directors) got together that evening, we never dreamed that we could move so far so quickly.

And you have played a key role, not just with your online subscriptions but your continual feedback and your unquenchable thirst for more! When learnmed launched in December 2012, we provided more than 20 specially-recorded online video lectures to help you pass your professional exams (each presenter gave their time free.) Then you asked for past exam questions…so we posted 1700 of these. Then you asked for a method to track your progress with these past exam questions…so we created such a system. Then you asked for answer explanations…and we have now posted almost 1400 of these. This dynamic and positive partnership between learnmed and our users is outstanding.

When we held our first free paediatric first-aid course for parents and carers from the Aboriginal community in 2013, we didn’t anticipate that it would be so successful. Having such direct impact on the lives of the participants, however, convinced us that we are on the right track with our social enterprise mission. But we also saw that if we are to continue and expand, we need to build a sustainable infrastructure, and that is our plan for 2014-15. The combined financial thrust of the profits from your subscriptions coupled with the magnificent grant from PCC allows us to start the building process.

We have such an exciting year ahead, so much to achieve, so many plans to fulfil. The learnmed team continue to rely on your help and support. Mention to your colleagues, speak to your friends, and shout from the rooftops - tell everyone that you are part of the learnmed not-for-profit social enterprise and that together we are making a difference.