Great news - learnmed supports the Diabetes Management and Care Program (DMCP)

Written by Richard

Published on February 19, 2015

Your subscriptions continue to be put to good use! Did you know that diabetes among First Australians has become the leading accelerator of mortality rates and is three times more prevalent among First Australians than other Australians? Fortunately, the Diabetes Management and Care Program (DMCP) was established by Caritas Australia's partner, Unity of First People of Australia (UFPA), to address acute diabetes problems in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities. The program prevents the rising incidence of diabetes by working with the community to develop sustainable health plans. The basis of the plan is prevention, management, treatment and care of diabetes – and promoting a whole change of lifestyle and behaviour. This project is particularly inspiring, as First Australians in remote areas are empowered through education and confidence-building to take control of their own health. The entire community – the local council, local school, women’s groups and community store are all involved in the project, which is built around education and awareness raising, leading into lifestyle changes. learnmed is delighted to announce that it has made a substantial donation towards the running costs of the DMCP.